Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walking the Riverwalk

Today we got to sleep in and take our time getting ready. We walked over to Lulu's Bakery where we ordered their 3 pound cinnamon roll made famous by the show Man vs Food. It was huge and delicious!

We finished about 2/3 of it between Callie and myself (which kept us full until dinner). Then we walked back to the hotel with a few “souvenir rolls”. I do have to say that I have never sweat so much. The weather said “87 but feels like 97” with the humidity and little bit of rain we had on the way. The humidity is insane here. It made us appreciate the dry heat we have in Fresno.
After that we decided to shop on the Riverwalk. On the boat tour the night before we drove by a bunch of shops and restaurants that looked good, so we decided to check them out today.

We walked the main length of the Riverwalk area and did some shopping but it got way too hot. So we found our way to the River Center Mall where we enjoyed the air conditioning. After we cooled down we decided to walk over to the Alamo again. We walked around the outside area of the Alamo and sat and listened to a Historical Speaker for half an hour. The historian talked about what led up to the main 7 days of fighting and what happened after to help Texas become it's own territory. After the Alamo we went over to the Menger Bar which had been recommended to us by our tour guide the day before. The reason it was recommended was because it has several historical values. First, it was fashioned to look like the English House of Lord's Pub. Second, it was where Roosevelt would make a call for his “Rough Riders”. The tour guide yesterday said that Roosevelt was legended to ride in on his horse with his gun held high and ask for men to join his Rough Riders. If they declined he would come in and buy them all drinks. Then when they were drunk he would have them sign their “Tab” and wake up the next day with a hang over and in the army. The tour guide told us, “Beware what you sign in the Menger Bar.”

After the Menger we headed back to our hotel to wash up a little before our dinner reservation at The SaltGrass Steakhouse. Our dinner there was delicious. It had been recommended by our pick up driver for the tour. It did not disappoint, creamy artichoke dip, melt in your mouth fillets, cheesy macaroni, savory garlic potatoes. Getting hungry yet?!

Now were are back in our room getting everything pulled together and ready to go because tomorrow we head out, back to the open road. Roswell, NM is the next destination, so if you don't see a post tomorrow it's because we were abducted by aliens... or the FBI, depending on what we do in Roswell.

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