Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Road Again…

Callie and I were only woken up once by the refrigerator this night because after that Callie unplugged it. Because we went to bed early we also woke up early. So by 6:30am we were packed and ready to go. We walked down to the restaurant to get some breakfast and take some last pictures of the canyon.

Then we were on the road again. Our final destination… Home Sweet Home!
At one point Callie had a stream of thought 30 minutes outside of the Grand Canyon Park that we had left our "souvenir" cinnamon rolls in the stupid buzzing refrigerator. Bummer!
We drove along I-40, passing more Route 66 signs than I have ever seen. It appears that Route 66 parallels I-40 for most of the way through Arizona. We talked about how great of a trip this was and laughed at all the crazy stuff that happened to us and that we did. And we mulled over an idea of doing another trip like this. We drove without many stops all the way home.

We made it home in 11 hours with enough time to have dinner at home, do some laundry and recuperate before I had to go to work the next day.

Callie and I agreed that it was a perfect trip. We had just long enough at each place we stopped along the way. We didn’t have car problems or anything really bad happen to us, except for last Sunday with all the storms. We got to see all we wanted to see and more.
Thank you for following Callie and myself (Carilee) and our mascot, Trigger, on this trip. And stay tuned for more adventures from us, as I am sure this will not be the last.

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  1. what a great trip!!! you have inspired me to take one of my own, and i definitely now have a desire to see the national parks of the country due to my exposure to you. Maybe i can join next year on the trip further east! THanks for sharing cherrylee