Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Green Men

We got going early to leave hot San Antonio. We set the GPS for the closest Gas Station and drove. Unfortunately the only time the GPS failed us was this time. It lead us to a street corner in a seedy part of town that contained no Gas Station. So we hopped on I-10 and drove to the edge of town where we saw actual gas station signs.

After that we were off toward Roswell, NM. Part of the reason we had left early was to make it to the UFO Museum before it closed at 5pm. Our drive that day retraced our steps, exactly from our trip into San Antonio. We did not realize that Roswell was only 45 minutes North of Carlsbad. So we drove the familiar roads. The best thing about I-10 in Texas is it is 80 mph most of the time, unless you are traveling through Kerr County or through a city (which are far and few between).
When we reached Roswell we drove straight to the museum.The Museum’s full name is “UFO Museum and Research Library”.

We paid a $5 entrance fee and walked into what looked like an exhibit hall at the Fresno County Fair. The first exhibit we stopped at was talking about the first reported sighting of UFOs and in the first few sentences there was a very bad typo. I turned to Callie and said, It would help their credibility if someone would at least edit these. Then we proceeded to read through and look at stories about the Roswell Incident and other supposed UFO sightings. We can say, without a doubt, that there were no aliens in Roswell. The pictures of the “space craft” show it is definitely Reynolds Aluminum Foil wrapped over a metal structure. I do have to admit, that I went into the museum thinking, Maybe the government did a cover up, I could see that being a plausible explanation. After seeing all the evidence they had to show, I know there were no cover-ups. It was really a weather balloon or military device of some sort, there was definitely no aliens. Callie and I had a good laugh about all of that. And Trigger got in on the action.

We headed to our hotel after that. We had been warned that the people in Roswell were a little off. Callie and I got to witness it firsthand. The gal who checked us in was very “wistful” and definitely not all together. There was a group of tattooed Hispanic men staying in the room below us who leered at us as we went upstairs so Callie and I decided we would not leave the hotel room alone. We went over to Applebee’s across the street for dinner. Then we hung out in our hotel room the rest of the night. Unfortunately there was no internet service at the hotel so we couldn’t update the blog. We had a good laugh about that too, because I ended my last blog with “If you don’t hear from us we’ve been abducted.”

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